ABBA Board of Directors

What We Do

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Alumni Blue Band Association. The Board is responsible for providing direction to all standing and ad hoc committees of the Association, collaborating with the leadership of the Penn State Athletic Bands program to identify meaningful ways to support the current band and students, and supporting events hosted by the Association throughout the year.

In addition to the officers (elected by the Board) and at-large voting members (elected by the Association membership), the Board includes representation from the Blue Band and the College of Arts & Architecture, as well as appointed advisors and committee chairs at the discretion of the President.

Who We Are

2020 ABBA Board of Directors:

  • Officers
    • President – Brett Butler
    • Treasurer – Doug Czekaj
    • Secretary¬†– Matt Gregory
  • At-Large Members
    • Becky Burley (Co-Chair, Communications Committee)
    • Curt Harler (Co-Chair, Communications Committee)
    • Casey Hesse (Chair, Merchandise Committee)
    • John Kovalchik (ABBA Representative, College of Arts & Architecture Alumni Society Board)
    • Ron Lewis
    • Aaron Magaro
    • Larry Parko
    • Mark Poblete (Co-Chair, Homecoming Committee)
    • Terry Roof
    • Joe Rokita (Chair, Historical Committee)
    • Bill Rubert (Chair, Constitutional Review Committee)
    • Kevin Sabolcik (Chair, Nominating Committee)
    • Randy Seely (Chair, Golf Tournament Committee)
    • Lee Shaw (Constitutional Review Committee)
  • Ex-Officio Voting Members
    • Jeremy Mysliwiec, Blue Band President
    • Celeste Watson-Marton, Blue Band Vice President
  • Ex-Officio Members and Advisors (Non-Voting)
    • Greg Drane, Director, Penn State Athletic Bands
    • O. Richard Bundy, Director Emeritus, Penn State Athletic Bands
    • Joyce Hoffman, Director of Constituent Engagement, College of Arts & Architecture
    • Jon Ford, Chairperson, ABBA Technology Committee

Get Involved

Elected members serve for three-year terms and are eligible for re-election once. The Board participates in quarterly meetings either at University Park or via videoconference as well as committee meetings throughout the year. Because the majority of the work of the Board is completed virtually, Association members interested in getting involved need not live in proximity to campus. Committee assignments and specific responsibilities are based on individual members’ interests as well as the needs of the Association.

Interested in supporting ABBA and taking on a leadership role by serving on the Board? Contact the Nominating Committee!