Everyone knows the Blue Band excels in music and marching. Now, the University has certified the Blue Band’s academic excellence. For Fall term 2020, the 300 members of the Blue Band achieved a collective 3.59 GPA.

The figure includes all of the grades earned across a wide variety of majors by the Band’s musicians, silks, and student staff.

“Over 50 percent of the kids made the dean’s list,” says an amazed and gratified Dr. Gregory A. Drane, director of athletic bands. 

Back in 2016, he set a long-term goal of a 3.5 GPA for the Blue Band. At that time, the Band’s GPA was a respectable 3.27. Little by little, grades improved.

“When I set that 3.5-GPA goal, people told me I was crazy,” Greg says. 

“I really got on the students this year,” he continues. “I told them there were no football games or other performances. There were no excuses.”

The students came through with a triple-forte academic performance and a flip to top it off.

One of the long-term campus rumors about the Blue Band is that the time demanded of Band members wreaks havoc on academics. Joining the Blue Band, the rumor mill claimed, was a sure way to kiss your grades good-bye. 

In addition to being another amazing Blue Band accomplishment, earning its collective 3.59 average should put that canard to rest.

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