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Dear ABBA,

As you may know, THON 2021 is quickly approaching and we are extremely excited despite it looking a little different this year. We have a lot of information to share with you all and lots of ways to keep everyone involved and engaged despite THON being completely virtual this year. This letter will include information on the THON Alumni Reunion Series, how to send Dancer Mail to our dancers for THON weekend to keep them motivated, how to attend THON virtually and some of the activities you can do, Alumni Fundraising Day, and information about Band Together’s three dancers for THON 2021.

THON Alumni Reunion Series:

There are four live streams for THON member alumni happening on the THON Facebook page linked here. Some of them have passed already but we wanted to let you know about these because they’re a good way to reminisce on your time and effort spent on THON and your support For The Kids. The dates and times are listed below and each date correlates to a certain THON era:

  • January 21st @7 PM: 2015-2021
  • January 28th @7 PM: 2005-2014
  • February 4th @7 PM: 1990-2004
  • February 11th @7 PM: 1973-1989

Dance Mail Instructions:

Have you ever wanted to send a letter to Band Together’s THON dancers? Here’s your chance. Since this year’s dancers will be dancing from home, there is no limit for dancer mail. That being said, here are the instructions to send our dancers letters (if you would like to send a package, please email Thank you in advance for any mail you send them, it’s always very motivational to see people supporting you in any way available.

Dancer mail call: The THON office will be accepting dancer mail February 1st-16th. The last day to postmark letters is February 12th. If you want to send our dancers (Lizzie Giacobe #161A, Elizabeth Bagley #161B, and Matt Bowers #161C) letters, you can do so by sending it to this address:

Penn State Dance Marathon (mail call)

Attn: Dancer Name and number (161 A, B, or C)

227D Hetzel Union Building

University Park, PA 16802


Attending THON 2021 Virtually:

As you may expect, THON 2021 is being held virtually this year with a mixture of livestreams from different viewpoints in the BJC. It hasn’t been posted yet, but sometime right before THON, a Viewer Guide will be posted on the THON website to encourage attendees to interact with the livestream. All the information you need to know about watching THON 2021 should be included there, be sure to check it out before THON kicks off on February 19th.

Throughout THON weekend there will be multiple performances consisting of singers, bands, and entertainment performances. Each year THON tends to get a bigger name to attend THON and perform so keep an eye out for them! As always, THON will be having regular family-related content including the kid’s talent show and family hour, where families share their story with pediatric cancer.

Alumni Fundraising Day:

On February 11th, THON is hosting an Alumni Fundraising Day where $20,000 worth of matching funds will be available to match donations. There isn’t too much information out about this yet but THON will be recording the graduation years of each donation from alumni and reporting which group of alumni was most engaged as a little competition. 

Here is the link to our Donor Drive to make electronic contributions. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and even if you can’t donate because of this year’s circumstances,we still value the time you took to read this letter and your effort in staying engaged with us this year. We understand it’s been a hard year for many and we are so grateful for everything ABBA does to support us. 

And now onto some information from our three dancers chosen this year:

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie Giacobe and I am a sophomore studying Microbiology. I play clarinet in the Blue Band and serve as one of two Family Relations chairs for Band Together. I have been involved with Band Together since my first semester at Penn State. I am very excited to dance this year. I know that it is not the same, but I think it is important to keep dancing because there are kids with cancer that still have to keep fighting even though we are in the middle of a global pandemic. I am dancing for a cure and for our organization’s THON families, the Nakonechnis, Schmehls, and the Stonesifers. They are strong, positive, and brave and I hope to reflect that when dancing in THON this year.

My name is Matt Bowers and I am a senior studying Wildlife and Fisheries Science. I play clarinet in the Blue Band and have been a part of Band Together since freshman year. I am beyond excited to dance for THON this year! I’m dancing because I want to help show people that a global pandemic can’t stop us from fighting to end pediatric cancer. Even though THON is virtual this year, it is a symbol of hope during a very dark time around the world. I am honored to represent our three THON families while being a part of an entirely different THON experience!


Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Bagley, and I’m a sophomore studying Human Development and Family Studies. I play piccolo in the Pride of the Lions pep band, and have been a member of Band Together since my first semester at PSU. I currently serve as one of the two Family Relations chairs for our organization. I’m so excited to dance this year! Three of my family members have fought cancer and I’m looking forward to dancing to show our three families that they’re not alone. THON is such a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to be involved despite it looking different this year!


As always, we would love to thank you for continuing to support Band Together and our efforts to fight against childhood cancer. Without ABBA, we would not be able to make nearly the impact that we do and it’s all thanks to you. We hope to keep you all updated in whatever ways we can as we approach THON 2021.

Go State, Beat Cancer,

Band Together

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