Membership Registration Questions

Thank you so much for the overwhelming positive response to new website and online registration! The board has worked hard for the past year to get this off the ground and we are so excited to see it come to fruition. I did receive some questions today that I thought it would be important for the group to hear:

Q1. Why are there no Silk and Majorette options under “Instrument” on the checkout page?
A1. This was a glitch on the website that has now been fixed. All Silk and Majorette Alumni are welcome to register and/or update their profile with the accurate information.

Q2. I’m a recent graduate and there is nothing on the website about my free first year?
A2. All Recent Graduates (Alumni Rookies) will receive instructions from the Penn State Blue Band office in the next day or two with instructions on how to register with their free year.

Q3. These new “Auto-renew” options sound fancy, but what are they really?
A3. Many of our members requested an option to “set it and forget it” when it comes to ABBA registration, which is why we are happy to offer these new options. On the day you check out you will be charged the initial fee ($20 for Performing, $30 for Dual, and $15 for Sustaining) and then charged that same amount each year (August 13, 2015, August 13, 2016, etc) until you cancel or change levels.

Q4. If I choose an auto-renew option and there is an issue with my payment in the future, will I receive any notice?
A4. Yes, for auto renew, you will receive an email each year you are paid, if your credit card cannot be processed due to expiration or some other issue, etc. Also, if you choose a standard membership option, you will receive an email when your membership is about to expire.

A5. Homecoming information will be sent to everyone in the next 2 weeks. You will be able to register through the website and you must be a paid Performing or Dual Performing member to be eligible to perform. I apologize that our new registration and homecoming registration are so close in time, but getting this new service off the ground was no easy task and since we now offer auto renewing memberships and the option to register at any time, during the year, this will be the last year!

Q6. All of the emails you send me go to some weird folder in Gmail or my Spam Folder. What gives?!
A6. Unfortunately the email service we use is quite popular with online marketing companies and many email providers will flag any email coming from this service as spam or “Promotional”, regardless of the sender. Next week we will be posting instructions on our Facebook, Twitter, and website to help try and alleviate this issue. Please stay tuned. Also, all of our larger announcements will be posted on our shiny new website to check back regularly!

I hope this clears up many of the questions some of you may have, but if there is any thing else, please feel free to reach out to me or any other members of the Board anytime.


Jon Ford
President, Penn State Alumni Blue Band Association

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