Blue BANDquet 2015 Recap

This year’s end of the season celebration was held in the Nittany Lion Inn on Sunday, February 8th. Blue Band students and staff attended the celebration along with various Penn State Faculty members. Penn State University President Dr. Eric Barron and his wife Molly also attended the event to celebrate the Blue Band’s historic 115th season. Penn State President Eric Barron was the Banquet’s keynote speaker, and he talked at length about the importance of the Blue Band’s longstanding tradition of excellence, and how Dr. Bundy’s Contributions to the Blue Band have made Penn State a better place.

During the Banquet, the College of Arts and Architecture Dean Barbara Korner, announced that the Blue Band Building (at the time, pending approval by the Penn State Board of Trustees) would be renamed as the “Richard Bundy Blue Band Building.” Dr. Bundy was extremely surprised and honored, and the cheers from the crowd filled the banquet hall. For more information:

In addition to the announcement that included the proposal for the Blue Band Building to be renamed after Dr. Bundy, Dr. Bundy received additional awards throughout the evening as a token of appreciation for all of his service to the Blue Band and Penn State. These awards included:
A replica of the historic “Tommy Thompson” Pocket watch. This pocket watch is identical to the same pocket watch that was given to the first Director of the Blue Band, Wilfred O “Tommy” Thompson by the student members of the Blue Band in 1939.
A photo album by Annemarie Mountz, who had followed Dr. Bundy closely throughout the season to document all of the special moments that occurred throughout his last season as the Director of the Blue Band.
A $6,900 donation to the O Richard Bundy Scholarship fund.
The “Number One Jersey” Award from his Alma Mater, Beaver High School (Receiving this award is considered to be Beaver High School’s “Hall of Fame” award).

Photos of the banquet can be found here!

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